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Lower rpm in 5th...Echo tranny's, bigger wheels, 6 spd

I'm really stymied (furious??) as to why Toyota chose a *higher* 5th gear ratio for manual (.86) than 4th gear for automatic (.70). The automatics are rated 1-2 mpg better than manual as a result.

I've seen several mentions of a taller ration for the Echo. The places I've looked I'm finding Echo tranny has same ratio as xB. Where am I missing?

I've seen mention of a Levin ae111 6 spd, but the details seem to suggest its final gear ratio is the same as the standard 5 spd?

I saw in this thread using 17" wheels, but negated the larger rims using thinner tires yielding a slightly smaller final diameter. I also saw going from a 160 to a 165 dropping the final rpm at 60mph, and no mention of starting to scrape the wheel wells? I'm contemplating 16" alloy rims and taller tires but would like to know what experience folks are having with larger final diameter.

I have yet to do an mpg compute.
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