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Originally Posted by SickMPGs View Post
I priced a geothermal system for my homble abode and it would come to $65,000 for the equipment and was told beause the soil I have in my yard is mostly clay, it would not work well. Silt is easer to dig and would have a better heat transfer, but would make for many cracks in the basement foundation. I guess tankless water heater would be better. I heard of people saving 25% on shutting off their oil burner at differnt times of the day. Solar insentives are pittiful and some deals will be sun-setting soon, in my area. Big bucks and the payback is 11 years off. Bio-D for oil burner seems to be the only semi safe thing to lower fuel costs for home and diesel car.
Wow! $65,000 huh? Damn! I might have to reconsider this. I have been unable to price estimates from anyone so I had no idea what the ballpark was. That's about $20k more than I paid for my house!

Our soil isn't too bad, but it's probably mostly clay as well. I have been looking at the biodiesel to replace our oil, but I'm just not sure on making it. As in, where do I go to get the waste oil, getting the equipment to transport it, and then processing it. I've seen processing kits that supposedly make it easy to do, but that doesn't help transporting it! lol Or what kind of waste oil to get. Some are supposedly better than others. Some people say you can run it in a furnace without modification, some say you need to mod the furnace. Some say bio works fine, others say you can use SVO, while still others say it has to be a special blend. I just get such a headache trying to figure it out.
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