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Crappy Gas Pipe - '84 Mercedes 300D Turbo 230k Miles
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I've been watching yahoo AltFuel Furnace since 2004 and I believe running WVO (waste Veg Oil) through a Becket oil burner is still in its toddler stages. I want a system that works w/o all the tinkering with heaters and dripping siphon nozzles that you have to hire security guards to monitor it 24/7. If you have on oil tank inside, in your basement, you may get away with making bio-D. If your oil tank is old Bio-D is like a solvent and as your dirty HHO tank becomes clean you will have to change filters a lot.(you'll know its time to change the filter when you have no heat or hot water in the house) Rip out old tank and put in new one, first. Getting grease from local Japanese, Mexican and Greek places are better than Burger or Chinese or Deli's because of the flower or the Partially Hydrogenated (Creamy) oils they use. Only pick up oil from places that change it once a week or more. Some places dump 5 - 10 gallons a day in there 55 gallon drums. If they're good about keeping the lid on it you wont have as much water to wash out. Google biodiesel kits. pay $2-3k for a system. It will pay for itself within 2 years depending on how much Methanol goes for. $1 a gallon fuel but not 100% sure on that, they say .75 cents in the add because they want your business. You will have to get the Titration right or your seals will get eaten away. The guys that are doing it end up making glycerin soap or dump the byproducts on their lawn. Good Luck!

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