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Yeah, I saw some processors on that were "one button start". You add all the chemicals to hoppers, and it dispenses everything on it's own. Just push the start button and walk away. But those were 2-8k IIRC. Seems like a lot once I figure in trailer, tank, pump, plus the processor. And then it still seems like trial and error to get it right, or more money on maintenance. Our boiler/water heater setup is maybe 3 years old, but I have no idea if they did a new tank that that install too. It's in our basement, but I've also heard it needs to be fairly warm to work. As in, the basement's normal 50-60F temperature might not be enough.

We ARE serious considering an on-demand water heater though so I can shut the furnace off during the summer since all it does now is heat the water heater. But then I read a few boiler sites that warn about turning the furnace off as condensation can rot the cast iron internal parts. *sigh*

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