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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
In my case the road legal vehicle I have as a shell does not have a transmission, clutch, fuel tank, radiator or most any normal gasoline or diesel components.

This means that yes, ideally I have the whole drop in replacement so I can just mount, drop and hookup.

If I get the briggs model, there are a variety of differences between it and the roadgoing motor, perhaps better, perhaps not.

But I know that I do not want to be fabbing adapter plates, motor mounts, fuel tank mounts, etc when a nearly identical foreign vehicle already has those parts ready to mount.
Get a Daihatsu with the gasser CB as the donor vehicle, the only difference from it to the CD (Diesel version) is the top end of the engine. I have already seen a handful of them in Uruguay (but unfortunately right now I can't help you bring one into the States).
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