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The insight being the most fuel-efficient car on the roads today, it's absolutely applicable. It's a no-compromise fuel-economy machine. If the gear ratios are tall, it's for mileage.

See also Civic VX - 2080 rpm at 60. Also built for economy, also geared to run at low rpm.

Accelerating from 1000 rpm in my civic also says that lower rpm is best. Anything that's not bucking and shaking - lugging - is good. I HATE the gear ratios. If I just cruise it at 65mph, I only see mid-40's mileage. Taller gears for lower rpm would give me much better mileage. If I could get gears like the Insight, I would.

I do know a thing or two about the Insight.
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Here are a couple MetroMPG posts related to the subject:

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