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Ford Bantam 1.3i (Gen 4 Fiesta Facelift+)

Hi all, this is my little runabout.

I bought it at the prodding of a friend after my Jetta got squished by a drunk driver (see:

It has a 1.3i 8v engine that was developed in Brazil for mixed fuel use I believe. The Bantam differs a little from the Brazillian Courier based on the same Fiesta.

I bought it at 217 000 km (late August 2011) and it now has 275 000. Its lifetime average is 6.24L/100 and I completed 2014 with an average of 5.98L/100. My best trip was 560 odd km journey in which I netted a 5.2L/100 (Elevation 1,339 m (4,393 ft) - 596 m (1,955 ft) ).

I started coasting in neutral only half way through 2013, when I noticed that in-gear coasting doesn't seem to switch off the injector completely, leading to a massive ball of smoke when pulling away at a stop after coasting down in gear. CIN probably netted me a savings of between 0.2 - 0.3L since then. Tire pressures run 2.4 bar and up (3.0 is a bit hard for a daily with leaf-springs at the back).

I have a lower grille block, albeit only the bits that let air through to the engine compartment past the radiator. The radiator is largely free to get air. , see the section: Zetec Rocam (duratec 8v)

It really is a torquey motor. You can drive it like a diesel, but still rev it hard to 5500RPM, not that the engine really likes being hurried. Most of my travel is highway and between 100-110km/h. According to the local specs below, I calculated that I am 40% above EPA.

Local Specs:
Fuel Capacity 54
Fuel Consumpsion - Highway 6.32
Fuel Consumpsion - Urban 10.87
Consumption Annual Average 8.78
Fuel Supply bosch sequential efi
Acceleration 0-100 Final 12.9
Top Speed Final 158
Power Output 55kw@5500
Torque 110nm@3000
Towing Capacity (KG) 700
Load 630
Gross Laden Mass 1655
Licencing Mass 1020


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