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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I think you're under estimating just how bad a H1 really is. Aero is many times worse than any van, amazingly tortured underbody aero...
(vans are actually pretty good aerodynamically - a Ram Promaster has a 0.31cd - even old 70's vans were around 0.45 roughly the same as a current Jeep Wrangler), super wide (frontal area), off road tyres, constant AWD, portal axles (basically a gearbox on each wheel, auto (probably without lock up?).

Although my TJ Wrangler can beat EPA, it's not by much.
Possibly. The Hummer wasn't designed with fuel economy in mind it seems. However if I could afford a Hummer, I bet I could squeeze out more MPGs than this guy did. Maybe nothing spectacular, but better at least. The van I have is not very graceful. Coating down a hill it loses speed fast unless you keep on the gas. It only "coasts" down very very steep hills lol. The car I'm currently borrowing until I get my hands on my new car gains speed down hills. I can't say how the van and the Hummer compare, but they have some things in common for sure. Point still is I bet in the hands of just about anyone on this forum, a Hummer would get better fuel economy.

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