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Contrary to everything said so far, IMHO two things account for it:
  • The dollar buys 1/10th what it did in the 40s and 1/5th what it did in the 60s, when the Beetle was 'under $2000 again'
  • Speed (with safety) costs money. How fast do you want to go. Faster than these folk?

Edit: I voted No (Other). You need a choice for 'Yes, but only if it had a 10Krpm single speed motor-generator'. That would've gotten my vote.

However I would probably suffer a great deal of stress handing over $15,000 of my money to a company for.. a car.
The best deal right now is 2nd-hand Leafs. They're $9K and under. What's happened is the battery's warranty period is conservative, they are lasting longer that anyone expected. But the public perception is that you could get stuck buying new batteries so they're not getting much on the used market. And new ones sales will slow because of the depreciation hit.

So the best deal now is to lease for 2 years (for as little as $100/month) and then walk away. All according to EVTV. Hey, they should have a new episode up!

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