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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
That would suffice for 95% of all my trucking needs
@elhigh, you should look into the Volkswagen Saveiro. They make them in Brazil, hence it would be left-hand drive like you need. The Bantam is only RHD, but the Montana (Brazillian adaptation of the Fiesta) should be left too.

I can only shake my head at the lack of info regarding local adaptations of cars in RSA, since we've actually had a varied and interesting amount over the years from many brands.

You might get this in the US?
Chevrolet Montana:

I don't know if it's hard or even cheap to import one into the USA.

What is sad is that in RSA Ford Global basically just told Ford RSA that they can now only produce the Ford Ranger and not the Bantam any longer - this after Ford RSA have been making them for 3 generations and over 30 years.

I like the Ranger, Amarok etc, they're quality products, but the moment you try drive one, even its 'small-by-American-standards' size becomes very evident and like you said, 95% of the time you just don't need the size at all. Oh and I cannot afford them.

We would really like the Saveiro here in RSA, but no amount of begging has made a right hand drive happened yet.

We also get the Nissan NP200 (Based on a Dacia) Nissan NP200 | Nissan South Africa,

We used to get the Fiat Strada too as well as Proton Arena.

Good luck. Tiny trucks rock!

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