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reconstruction proceeds

After 10 man-hours of hammering,shrinking, bending,and riveting I got the diffuser straight enough to put back on the truck last Friday.
Yesterday,I completed the alterations and re-installation of the two front skirts,using Harbor Freight Tools' latest roller offering.These new units are 1.9" diameter,up from 32mm.They spin about 1/3rd slower rpm.And the gaps leading into the bearings are much tighter.I finger-squeezed in as much white lithium grease as I could.
While I was under the truck I saw many opportunities to improve the belly pan,not to mention,restoring the central pan section,which according to Carr,would have knocked 0.01 off the Cd at DARKO.
The wheel wells are going to be closed off entirely.
Many,many things to improve or add.It's good to see the ol' girl coming back to life.
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