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I would like to see more small diesel cars and trucks in the USA. In my 30 odd years on this planet, I've only personally seen two small diesel trucks (when I say small, I mean about the size of a modern small car). One was in California (the owner didn't want to sell it) the other was in North Carolina (the owner also didn't want to sell it). I've seen less than a hundred diesel cars in the same time period (typically Mercedes). I'm not totally sure why Americans don't really want diesel cars. Europeans have shown they can work in virtually all common situations. Maybe it's because we have really crappy diesel fuel (that has supposedly changed in recent years). I for one would love to put a tiny diesel engine in a small car with a manual transmission.

Anyway, I have no trust in any "fuel economy estimates" given by any company or government. The real life numbers are never in line. 102MPG US? Probably drove like most of us do the whole way lol. Put a tiny diesel engine in a small car and I bet just about any of us could reach 102MPG. Real world figures (driving it like you stole it it seems) would probably bring it down between 35-45MPG. Maybe mid 50s.

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