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Update 7/9/2015: Cut-Away Fenders Installed

Hello all, I got up early yesterday and got the modified fenders and all the other bits back on the car. It feels good to see the car back in one piece again. I haven't driven the VX yet, as I still have to fit the fender liners to it. However, I must confess, it's hard for me to be modest with my thoughts on the outcome of these fenders. I think they look awesome! I feel they really pull in together both the red/black and eco themes well throughout the outside of the car.

OK, here's some progress pics:

First, I added some electrical loom to the JDM side marker lighting and drilled it in place with some rubber clamps.

Then I fitted the fenders. To my surprise, there was little warping of the original fender shape (due to the mods) to work through when fitting them back on to the car. The passengers side was OEM-like in fitment. The drivers side, however, was a bit more difficult for some reason. I had to work about 20 minutes on that side to get things to line up correctly.

Showing some tire treads from behind!

And here's my new plate frame for shows and photo shoots. Thanks to Victor on for the free decal!

Here's what's I have planned for the rest of this summer and fall tuning season:

- Finish fitting Fender Liners
- Multiple custom-designed decals for exterior to carry forth eco and VX theme
- CF Vinyl to roof (hopefully I don't mess it up this time)
- Smooth wheel covers
- Door panels dye'd black w/ green stitched accents
- keyless entry added
- Wink Mirror
- Herculiner on rear hatch area (where carpet doesn't cover)
- Re-wrap headliner
- Freshly-dyed black interior installed
- Engine bay clean up and dress up
- Ceramic front brake pads
- Bleed brakes
- Coolant system flush
- Magnetic engine and tranny oil drain plugs
- Royal Purple synthetic transmission oil

Anyone following the thread knows by now that I hop around like a bunny rabbit in the order of my updates. So, I'm not sure what I'll post next.

But..until then, thank YOU for ecoTuning in!
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