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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by ThePrudentNinja View Post
I'm not totally sure why Americans don't really want diesel cars. Europeans have shown they can work in virtually all common situations. Maybe it's because we have really crappy diesel fuel (that has supposedly changed in recent years).
At least the quality standards for Diesel fuel back there are enforced more tightly. Here in Brazil there is still S-500 Diesel available in places where it was supposed to have been already phased out in 2012 with the introduction of S-50 (this one already replaced by S-10). And there are also other options to consider such as biodiesel, or even veggie oils for some older engines. You know, since Americans usually eat more processed meats (hamburgers, sausages, chicken nuggets) than non-processed meats, an enormous amount of fats can be recovered from the meat-processing plants to be used as a biodiesel feedstock
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