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Old thread (surprised it appears to be the first post of "redneck" and he has 693 posts now) but winter is coming again. It may be HOT now, but in a relatively short time it will be cold again. I'm already thinking about my winter preps.

I've heard of using bubble wrap but didn't know how useful it actually was. Was going to experiment with it this winter. Scored about a hundred or so feed of heavy duty bubble wrap for free about a month ago (the kind used to ship heavy commercial fridges). Been wondering how I will use it exactly. Was interesting packing it all into the car to make one trip do (whole backseat, trunk, and front passenger seat was packed lol).

I'll have to do more research but I considered trying a layering on the north side windows and maybe a layered panel on the south side windows. Maybe window glass, aluminum foil, bubble wrap, cardboard in that order. For north side windows, they would be covered all winter and likely have a layer of plastic over the whole thing. The south side windows I want to be able to open up to let in sunlight during the day but wonder what can be done to reduce heat loss through the crappy single pane windows. At night could just put the "panels" in the windows and be done with it for the night.

What got me thinking about bubble wrap was a few years back I spotted OLD bubble wrap on an OLD house. They had it blending in rather well. It got me to thinking. I found online some say it works but I wanted more verification. Never got around to testing it. This year probably will.

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