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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
It is slowing.
Not really relevant, since it is still a lot of people using a lot of stuff, quantity and "quality"

And the places that aren't keeping up, are essentially "dying" by comparison, and spending a lot of energy worrying about countries that frankly couldn't give a crap about them. Even within the industrialized countries, their culture (as important as any other) is being pushed aside by various groups with a definite breeding strategy.

So, not a simple problem, and I don't know of any reliable answers aside from conflict.

Either everyone's culture (or religion or other semi-abstract grouping) is important, or it isn't. I lean more towards the latter (seeing very little sustainable about the whole "culture" concept), but that makes a lot of people "upset" and whiny.

Perhaps it is a failure of democracy, that the incentive is to be the biggest "group". That is how you control the vote. That is ultimately the real reason folks are opposed to something as innocuous as birth control. Though armies also benefit from large numbers.

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