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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Not really relevant, since it is still a lot of people using a lot of stuff, quantity and "quality"

So, not a simple problem, and I don't know of any reliable answers aside from conflict.
Conflict not the answer.

#1> It won't work even if you wanted to advocate for it.
If you look at the rates of total human population % reduced by conflict/wars over time ... conflict / war has been getting safer .. the % of global population reduced by conflict / wars has been in decline for a very long time... For which I am happy to see that progress

#2> The peaceful internal self correcting solution noted previously has a larger demonstrated effectiveness on the global scale ... for which I am happy to see that peaceful solution out performing conflict/war

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As for the allot of people using allot of stuff .. The world is very very big with lots and lots of resources ... If we need to there is still significant room to grow .. yes I am all for using those resources better than we do today in a far more sustainable way .. and yes , I think we already have many billion more humans than needed .. we have allot of room for improvement on both .. and thankfully if you look at global trends .. that improvement is the trend we are already moving toward .. progress is in the correct direction .. and given the human species rate of generation change over .. the improvement is happening exceptionally fast .. not in hours or days , which would just be 100% pure fantasy to expect that.

To help put into perspective the comparative scale of our current consumption with the available current resource .. we are tiny less than 0.1% of the available resource... noted in the bellow as world consumption.

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