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morphing 'Poco Loco'

I spent 2-hours this morning creating cardboard patterns for mods to the 'Poco Loco', sailboat-based bed cover.
The plan is to have side fairings which tip from the bed rail top,straight over sideways in a straight line until they contact the bed cover,filling in the twisted void created by the plan-taper of the cover vs the straight-sided bed rails.
I didn't like the way the smoke behaved around this area at the wind tunnel.
I scoured the only metal recycling center which allows salvage,for sheet aluminum, and came up empty.
A trip to The Home Depot didn't help.I found some 10-inch by 10-foot aluminum flashing in the roofing section for $10 a roll.If I'm forced to use it I'll make it work.
I'm inclined to just fix a blocking barrier on the truck and do wet layups over the cardboard and tape to create composite skins like I did on the CRX long ago.If I did,I could make one continuous fiberglass fairing,rather than sections of lapped aluminum.These fairings would lap over the sides of the rail tops,making for better weather protection and attachment.
The modified bed cover would allow for a shorter,better,boat tail.And I could dispense with the heavy plywood of the existing tail/stinger,and go with an all-composite,lightweight unit.Maybe on a swing-away mount which I've craved since the 80s.
I like the new Harbor Freight rollers.They're working out fine and perhaps I'll be able to find replacements as the years unfold.
And I think I may abandon acrylic lacquer as a paint system.The enamels don't skin as quickly,and once you have traffic,they melt into a nice glossy surface which doesn't require all the color-sanding and polishing required by the lacquer.
If anyone needs chiggers,ticks,or mosquitoes let me know.We've got a bumper crop this year!
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