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Originally Posted by IamIan View Post
Didn't ask about gore .. Don't care how fast would satisfy gore .. Data shows sky is not in flames.

I asked about you.

Obviously the progress (in the right direction) over the last 60 years on human population has not been fast enough for you ... soo .. how fast of a correction would satisfy you ??

For example:
If we had made this same progress of the last 60 years in just 30 years would that have been fast enough to satisfy you ? .. If not how fast would be fast enough rate of progress to satisfy you ?
Wait, what "progress" on population? In the time since my parents married 45 years ago, we've added more humans to our population than there were on earth on their wedding day. Global emissions have increased every decade since we started measuring them. And, the US is one of the worst offenders, with an emission rate per person of nearly 18 tons/year, almost 3x higher than China and in the top 10 highest in the world.

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