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Originally Posted by Prophecy99 View Post
so if you dont change your oil, and its dirty, and then you change your oil, you dont feel a difference? find that hard to believe.

not saying that is the same, but there are subtle things out there, some people cant notice, some can.
That's not what I said. First of all, dirty oil is not a bad thing--it gets dirty because it's holding particles, combustion byproducts, and wear material in suspension, which is what it's supposed to do. Second, no--you can't feel a difference between an engine running "dirty" oil and the same engine running "clean" oil--the same way experienced sommeliers cannot distinguish between red and white wines in blind taste tests. Humans constantly and consistently think we can "feel" or sense effects that are immeasurable, as well as changes that are impossible (search this site and see how many threads have been started by people claiming that after completing an aeromod their engine speed decreased for the same vehicle speed. Impossible without a CVT, yet reported here many, many times). The frictional properties of conventional and synthetic oils of the same weight are so close as to be indistinguishable to a person driving the car around or "feeling" the engine.

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