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Originally Posted by IamIan View Post
Net global population growth rate has reduced (slowed) to ~1/2 of the rate of growth it was .. including a ~30% increase in life expectancy over the same time period .. If not for the increased life expectancy .. the rate of growth would have been about ~1/4 of the rate is was previously .. this well documented slowing is progress in the correct direction.
I'll point out again that, while our rate of growth has been halved from what it was 50 years ago, our net growth in absolute numbers per year is still very close to the highest it's ever been, at more than 135 million humans/year. Expressing this growth as a rate of the total population is misleading, as that population is so much larger today than it was just a few decades ago that, despite maintaining the same absolute growth numbers, rate of growth will appear to slow unless we "ramp up production," so to speak.

Edit: my argument being that we have made no progress on controlling our population growth, which is clear when you look at absolute numbers rather than percentage growth rate.

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