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Originally Posted by IamIan
progress in the correction direction.
Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
"progress" seems like a strange term to color things with. Progress towards what exactly?
Progress toward sustainable human population correction.

1st step of progress toward that is to reduce the rate of acceleration in the 'wrong' direction .. which is exactly what we have been doing.

We have to define what direction of this % growth rate is 'correct' or 'wrong' direction.

% growth rate has only 3 possibilities.

#1> Reduce

#2> Stay the same

#3> Increase

I say #1 is the correct direction = direction of Progress .. The other directions 2 or 3 that would be the 'wrong' direction and thus not the direction of progress.

As I've said before.
Originally Posted by IamIan
Weather it is a 'fast enough' rate of progress .. or weather this type of progress will continue 'long enough' ... only time will tell.
Those other two questions (fast enough, long enough) , are asking details about the magnitude and duration of this direction of progress.

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If you want fewer total number of people .. the 1st step of progress toward that would still be to reduce the rate of +% growth .. ie you have to slow down 1st before you can go in reverse.
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