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Took it for a drive this morning, idle seemed off, it would reach about 800 or so then work its way back down to 550, but not sporadically, very smoothly. Went through the steps from scratch to re-adjust the idle, also removed the throttle screw from the body out of curiosity and cleaned up the mounting hole and the screw/plug itself. Drives fine, but for some reason I feel there is an intermittent misfire. The plug wires are the only thing I haven't replaced so I may do that here soon. I noticed there are different part numbers between the VX and DX wires so there is some kind of difference there, I wonder if someone put DX wires on here and if that could cause any issues. However, I will say that it seems the stock intake gave back a bit of low end torque that I felt was missing from the huge intake that was on there previously.

Next on the list is a new OE heatshield for the exhaust manifold.

Anyways, caught a better picture of the engine bay during the daytime and a random pic of the car itself.

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