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Trying to be environmentally friendly need help!

My problem is that I have a 94' Chevy 1-ton crew cab dually, 6.5 turbo diesel bone stock as of now, with a 4ft tall wood rack all the way around an 8x8 flatbed. Just by reading that one could imagine this vehicle doesn't get great fuel mileage. I'm employing ecomodding techniques to it, but I don't drive this vehicle daily so it doesn't get a lot of mpg mods. I use this truck purely as a workhorse. I've decided to do some power modifications to it in order for me to do better work. Part of the power upgrades (which are fairly minor, this isn't a race truck) is a new larger exhaust so the engine doesn't have to work as hard, this truck's only emissions control is a diesel soot trap (I doubt is very effective but who knows) the new exhaust is essentially a straight pipe, no emissions control. Thankfully the 6.5 was offered in a 1/2 ton truck in 90's so it came with a catalytic converter in vehicles like a the suburban and blazer aswell as the 1500 truck from what I've read. The website sells a cat to fit the exhaust I'm buying (I think, might just have to splice it in), should I attach a cat to this 1 ton truck even tho it didn't come with it stock? Will it work efficiently and properly? Ik diesels run a little cooler so the cat isn't as effective, but I'm just trying to do the best I can to clean up the exhaust, when I see idiots rolling coal I want to punch them, so even the smallest amount of black smoke coming out of my truck would upset me slightly!!

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