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Civic VX - purge cut solenoid?

While looking at a diagram for the stock throttle body, I noticed there was a part on the intake manifold that I don't seem to have on my VX. And that is the "VALVE ASSY., PURGE CUT SOLENOID" which is #11 in the diagram below. The previous owner deleted all the vacuum lines from the charcoal canister, the thicker one that goes to the upper port of the throttle body and the smaller vacuum hose which would go to the valve mentioned above, as well at this valve itself (if it comes with it?).

I am wondering what the purpose of this part is and if it comes on the VX models or only on the other trims. If it normally comes on this engine I'm not sure why someone would remove it, but alas I've figured out the previous owner did a lot of things I'm not fond of.

It seems just deleting the charcoal canister may be the easier route to go, I can't imagine it would affect my gas mileage?

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