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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
The problem is that both education and employment for women especially in the poorer countries of the world require wealth generation and growth, which in turn requires cheap and reliable energy.
And therein lies the rub.


But I think at the very least opportunities for employment and a culture of female employment would help.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Any reasonably well off population is perfectly capable of "improving" their fertility rate, if they believe it is in their best interests to do so.
The question is... why don't they? So far, none of them have reversed the slide. Yet.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
...sure you can convince them (and the males) that mass abortions of convenience isn't murder, but really you have moved conflict between adults competing for resources, to adults killing an undefensible and unrepresented population. And like colonization, we are so sure we are right (we are the smart and educated ones!) that nobody thinks twice about imposing our views on anyone we see fit. Another manifest destiny perhaps.
Who said anything about mass abortion? All you need to curb population growth is contraception and incentives not to breed. Both of which are in great supply in the developed world. Japan never needed abortion to attain negative growth.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
My take on it is that a large number of people want a "peaceful" reduction of the population, but observations about evolution have shown that conflict/struggle is necessary for evolutionary progress. I mean if the pacifists die out, then who is left to breed?
Who's to say this hasn't happened already? The dominant ethnic groups on the planet are those who have won the largest piece of the planetary pie through millenia of warfare, exploration, conquest and the freak mutation of lactose tolerance which helped make all of that possible.

If you're looking for the last of the pacifists, they're pickling themselves to death on reservations and dwindling nature preserves around the world. You and I, we are the descendants of barbarians and conquerors.

We are, all of us, the children of Cain.

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