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Well, I'm stumped. I can't get the light on the controller to come on. I've got the bike wired slightly different than the diagram above. Everything but the 12v system is in place. I'm thinking the issue is with the contactor. It's not engaging and letting power through. Also, I'm trying to power the contactor with the 72v system. Not anything 12v.

I uploaded some pictures, but I'll color code the wiring and write where everything is going, but I have to head out to work.

pictures are too big to upload here. So here's a link to them:

I'm using the 72v SW200 albright contactor, and if I had to guess I'm guessing I need some external power to it? 12volts?

Yeah, I went home for lunch just now and hooked up 12 and 24 volts to the contactor. I got nothing from it. Not even a click. I made sure everything from it was disconnected except the alligator clips.


Additional info. I guess the contactor requires at LEAST 36volts, because I added an extra 12v battery to the mix, and sure enough it works now. Now I need to wire everything back up. But first...some pants are required.

Does this mean It'll be safe to wire 72 volts to the contactor to activate it?

The answer to my previous question is "yes". I guess I ordered the 72v actuated contactor instead of the 12v. Simple mistake, but it's a learning process for me.

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