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reply to ultimx

Thanks for your comment. What should I be looking for to know if the injectors are not performing correctly?

So far on my 54 mile commute, the lowest voltage I have seen is 12.4. This is when I am going to the shop early in the morning and burn the headlights the entire trip. I know the Honda ELD allows the voltage to drop to 12.5 when the amp draw is lower than 10 amps, so I was assuming that 12.4 volts would not be too harmful to the car.

I installed a high quality fuel pressure gauge on my 92 RED VX prior to using the alternator delete on it to see if it would change the fuel pressure as the voltage dropped during my commute. I have never seen any changes in the pressure as the voltage dropped from 12.9 to as low as 12.2 on my red VX. The pressure always fluctuates based on throttle position from 30 psi at off throttle to as high as 42 psi at WOT.

With only the engine running and no accessories, I am drawing about 8 amps. As I get over 55 MPH, the amp draw increases to a little over 9 amps and never increases from there.

I have installed all LED lights on the White VX including the headlights. This has lowered my amp draw from 12.5 amps to 6.5 amps for all lights.

This means that on my regular commute of 54 miles ( 1 hour and 20 minutes) I use about 12 amps hours with no lights on and about 20 amp hours with the headlights on the entire trip. I am only using about 20% of the capacity of the 100 amp hour deep cycle battery during the trip. When I get to the shop and turn off the car the battery resting voltage returns to around 12.7 volts. It takes less than 2 hours for the on-board 25 amp battery charger to bring the battery back to 100%.

I hope this will give you the information you need for you to give me your opinion of were I may be effecting the injectors. Thanks.
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