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Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post
The chart linked to would be more helpful if you could increase the range from 0.43 - 0.434v up to 0.0 - 1.0v.
Does it make it into closed loop, at least at times? Fuel trims less than +/- 10%?
i tried it again and it auto ranges. so it is actually stuck between those 2 values. that means it is broken after all. it drives normal, the fuel economy is not horrible and there is not much black stuff in the exhaust.
The car will make a long (400 mile) trip soon.

EDIT: i will check if it goes into closed loop. i will also disconenct the o2 cable and read it with a volt meter.

EDIT 2: the fuel trim is at 0% it never goes into closed loop and the o2 voltage when hot reads 0,4x volt. I order one from aliexpress cus i am cheap basterd

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