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Originally Posted by Diesel_Dave View Post
I filled up this morning and this tank was far far my best ever. A double kilotank--over 2,000 miles on one tank of fuel (2,009.6 to be exact):

Here's the summary:

Start date: May 3, 2013
End date: Jun 27, 2013
Distance: 2,009.6 miles
Fuel used: 35.000 gallons
Total time (key-on): 79 hours, 29 minutes
Total time (engine-on): 18 hours, 32 minutes
Average ambient temperature: 70.2 deg F
Average in-cab mileage display: 59.38 mpg
Actual measured mileage: 57.42 mpg
Calculated average speed (from key on time): 25.3 mph

I've detailed a lot of my mods up until last summer is this thread:

Since last summer, I've made the following mods:
-Change to synthetic transmission fluid
-Front belly pan
-Engine compartment insulation
-Fog lamp hole block
-Kill switch
-Corrected odometer
-Disconnected intake grid heater
-Various shifting/driving mods
-Schaeffer's Diesel Treat 2000 additive
-9 inch side skirts

This was really my first tank of the summer since things really warmed up. That helped a lot (20 deg F higher average temperature than last tank). Many of the mods I made listed above, I did during the winter, so my numbers didn't start to come up until things started to warm up this spring. When I saw my numbers coming up towards the end of last tank, I decided to really turn up the focus on this tank. I ran the whole thing with as much focus on my driving as I could manage--no HVA/C at all, windows all up except driver's side slightly cracked when hot, radio off. My inital goal was to get a >50 mpg tank, but in the end I did even better.

In addition to my normal daily log spreadsheet, I also started using some logging software to monitor what the engine & truck were doing. So if anybody wants to dispute things, I've got log files saved for all but about 20 of the miles--I lost a couple due to some connectivity issues.

As I was coming towards the end of the tank, I didn't think I was going to be able to make it to 2,000 mi. I ran completely on empty for the last 100 miles, carrying a 1 gal jerry can with me in case I ran out. In the end, I didn't need it and I made it all the way to the fuel station. To add a cherry on top, I had a $1/gal discount waiting for me a the fuel station. I also beat my personal best commute record this morning with 68.9 mpg on the overhead display. I had plenty of reason to smile:

The official world record for farthest distance on a tank is 1,645.1 miles, which I've beaten 3 times now. I now set my sights on the unofficial world record of 2,254.4 miles: The Insight Marathon 2006 -- World Record 2,254.4 miles on one tank of fuel - CleanMPG Forums

Thanks to all my fellow Ecomodders for all the tips and inspiration!

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this tank to my dog Diesel (yes, that was his real name) who died unexpectedly on Monday:

First post, am I missing something.

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