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SG-II gauge/trip discrepancy

Purchased a new ScanGaugeII that arrived with firmware 4.13. Correctly entered engine displacement and tank size in setup. Signal mode is VPW. Followed procedure in product manual for first fill-up. In GAUGE mode, all parameters appear to be normal with the exception of MPG. MPG (not AVG) fluctuates wildly, even when driving on Interstate highway at steady speed of 60 mph. Minor fluctuations I would expect, but gauge jumps from 5 mpg to 80 mpg and everywhere in between, all while driving at steady speed for distance of 40 miles. It never stabilizes.

However, in TRIP mode, CURRENT MPG is stable and as expected, with only minor fluctuations for acceleration/deceleration and stop/go.

Phoned LL and they said it is normal for MPG to fluctuate because it is an instantaneous reading. Understood, but why so wildly, and why is CURRENT MPG in trip mode stable and as expected with no major fluctuations. Is this not instantaneous also? Why the discrepancy between "gauge" mpg and "current trip" mpg?

LL suggests that it will correct itself after 2 or 3 more fill-ups, but I am skeptical.

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