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How do you repark an ATV? :)

I am still trying to put my Forester back together. I needed to replace one of the timing belt covers. I reinstalled the crankshaft pulley and started bolting in the intake manifold. I started to feel a weight off of my shoulders that the only large part left was the radiator and the rest seemed simple. Then one of the bolts sheared off and I went home to look for my bolt puller. My room is almost neat now, but I cannot find the bits, although Harbor Freight sells reverse drill bits for nine dollars.

Had I realized that, I would have just bought a set and pulled the bolt the same day.

There is a chance that the bits are in my Forester, although I do jot think so. I was getting ready to look when my sister called to say her water heater peed the garage and asked me topick up some plastic tubs and clear a path so they could replace the water heater.

The main obstacle was a 700cc ATV with four flat tires.

I have never driven anything smaller than a car. I looked up how to drive a four-wheeler and it seemed pretty unclear, because there were many variations. I did not want to risk damaging it, even though my brother-in-law never seems to use it. I think that the parking break was off, but it was still in gear, because I could not push it.

So, I picked up the front end, and pushed it out of the garage.

What was the easy way?

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