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Hallo everybody,

I am happy Torque app user and as I have juste re-discovered this thread, I feel I should share my experience here, because the app has evolved since the original post was written.
I use Torque on my regular bottom-line cell phone (sony xperia E) for my daily driving to get extra gauges I dont have in regular cluster (real coolant temp, instant consumption, engine load, etc. Sometimes i use it to log how I drive and to review what works best under certain conditions.
Now: key settings for that use

- For normal use, GPS is not needed. The app will show a warning message, but you can even supress this message in the setting. My default setting is GPS off and supressed warning. Thus conserving my cellphone battery.
- In the settings, you can configure Torque to enable bluetooth when started and disable bluetooth when quit. again, it conserves battery life and your time.
- in the settings, you can configure Torque to skip welcome screen and go directly to gauges.
- torque has two logging features - first is online, it uploads live data do some internet server (or twitter, or facebook or whatever) I have this disabled by default thus conserving battery and my mobile data. The other option is to store logs to file in your phone. I have set this off by default, it is possible to turn the feature on from the gauge screen. Hopefully will have time to write about logging more sometimes later.

Having set Torque as suggested, what I do when I get into car is:
- put my phone into holder
- click the Torque app on the screen
Everything else goes automatically, Torque enables a bluetooth, finds OBD2 adaptor, connects it and starts shoving gauges.
When leaving the car I just remove the phone and quit the app.

When I want log my route, I enable GPS, start the app and when I want to drive, run from menu command "enable logging"

Having use Torque like this, I never ran into battery draining trouble, the biggest draw when using torque came from having the display lit all the time. But hey, you can switch it off and set torque to make audible warning when something happens.
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