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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
Tell us about the classics and the sport ute. Now that you've made big strides with your big Benz, what can we do to raise your fleet average even higher? For instance the first-generation Ford Falcon could, in 1960, deliver up to 30mpg with the right equipment.
The wife's "ute" is an RX300 which is a less aerodynamic than a brick. She rarely gets over 20 on the highway but I can squeeze out 24 on the highway when driven under 60. MPG drops like a rok over 60, unlike the benz which has a sweet spot for MPG aroung 65-70. I'd like to replace the RX with a Highlander (hybrid, maybe) or an Explorer with ecoboost although the comments here about the ecoboost are less than I had hoped (but I appreciate the honesty!).

I probably should not get into much detail on the classics as I would be as welcome here as a Perrier salesman at a Texas BBQ if I did. Suffice to say all are Fords, none has less than 350hp (my rough guess), and none has less than a single 4 bbl carb. I do know that I'm not the only one here who appreciates '60s excess as one poster's user image is of a Mopar with 3x2s (can't remember their user name at the moment).

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