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The software is free online now? That's a great tool! The torque improvement is wonderful and it appears to be spooling up very early too. No worn out vacuum lines, stuck VNT veins or oxidized grounds in the engine bay it seems. Does that engine have the intake manifold shutters/flaps? My 2004 Jetta did. It always worried me that they might let go and get ingested into the engine. I see the antifreeze reservoir has the sensor where its above the fluid line so no worries about antifreeze in the wiring harness. Couple of the other things to check is the seal that keeps moisture from freezing the emergency brake in winter and the adjustable yoke that keeps the back brakes equally engaged or slacked. In a few months the glow plugs may need attention for cold starting. I would inspect the fans, fan control module and alternator nut as well. I could be mixing up problems from different years and models but I've seen many these issues in our cars here. Oh and lift pumps and transaxle boots are two other things I just thought of to inspect. You've probably thought of these things. Hope something here is helpful to you.

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