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Ok, so how much would it cost, realistically? Under 10k at least? Can you guys recommend some batteries that I should look at?

Someone else recommended the motor-per-wheel approach over the idea of getting a RWD axle put in, but of course, a lot of people also recommended the RWD axle. The guy who recommended the 2 separate motors made his case by saying that the fact that I was keeping the entire stock drivetrain in tact meant that I could get away with not having the rear wheels hooked up to a differential and transmission, for reverse and what not. I could even get motors with no option to reverse, but they would need to be allowed to be "driven" by the main engine.

Also, do you guys maybe know if the performance gain would be worth it? If this electric car thing works out well, I would then proceed to get the front engine upgraded, as well as even trying to replace the 2 small electric motors with 2 bigger ones. If I had 2 motors in the back, providing roughly 400lbft of torque, along with a front engine with a turbo making around 400hp and a little more torque than that, would that really make the car brutally fast in a straight line?
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