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Originally Posted by ciano22 View Post
Someone else recommended the motor-per-wheel approach over the idea of getting a RWD axle put in, but of course, a lot of people also recommended the RWD axle.
I'm favorable to the flexibility of a hub-motors setup, but wouldn't object for a single motor driving through a rear differential since it doesn't increase the unsprung mass as individual hub-motors do. Also, you would avoid the need to compensate electronically the lack of a differential in curves.

Also, do you guys maybe know if the performance gain would be worth it? If this electric car thing works out well, I would then proceed to get the front engine upgraded, as well as even trying to replace the 2 small electric motors with 2 bigger ones. If I had 2 motors in the back, providing roughly 400lbft of torque, along with a front engine with a turbo making around 400hp and a little more torque than that, would that really make the car brutally fast in a straight line?
Seems like you mean a thru-the-road hybrid setup, it's perfectly doable and even offered as a factory option in some European hybrids.
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