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I always like the Hitachi SU types on the first 1970 Datsun 240z (11-69 first month produced).

Float height check using a small plastic straw down the vent hole in the float chamber.

Choke just dropped the seat where the needle moved, no real choke butterfly.

Throttle response was magnificent when they were set up right.

Different tapered needles for different performance parameters.

Two adjustments, the same seat the choke moved and the viscosity of the air chamber oil, with ATF the lightest.

Plugs ran as clean as fuel injection and mileage was as good or slightly better.

It did have a summer winter flap, manually adjusted only from the engine compartment, that you had to use when it got below 40-50 or it fell flat on it's arse when you hit the gas in winter.

You could set it to run too lean, then just add some choke for more power (redneck lean burn).

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