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Originally Posted by markweatherill View Post
How about some stiffer springs? I'm imagining a stereotypical bouncy castle on wheels!
While the Impala SS is by no means a "sports car", it definitely has a decent suspension set up. Mine is about ready for new springs anyway, but the car rides much firmer than most stock sedans that I've been in. I've had people complain that my car is a bumpier ride than their Camry, Sonata, Malibu, etc., and therefore the suspension is not as good. Ha. It is also lower than a typical Impala and the spoiler actually seems to have a purpose at high speeds, even though I thought it was pointless on my car. Along with the bumpy ride, people use the fact that I occasionally bottom out on crappy driveway entrances as evidence that my car is not as nice as their cheaper, slower, smaller sedans.

Also, I wont be spending any time on a track. I'll mostly be at the drag strip. As long as it doesn't feel like a boat on the highway, I think it will be fine. I'll have to wait until all the added weight is there to really know though.
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