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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Exactly! I would highly recommend drilling the rocker panel where the rear doors close (above the door seal) to spray something for rust prevention inside the cavity.

And when I cut the existing rust out of the rocker panel to repair it later this summer or early fall, I should be able to confirm the source.
Maybe you don’t need to drill a hole. (From parts diagram) It looks like rear tire spat is attached to plastic plug with one screw. So maybe you can remove the tire spat and then pull the plastic peace of and then use its hole to put oil in there. Or maybe you could use the attachment holes for rear door sill panel.

Prius rocker panels have inner structure. Only pictures that I have found:

Looking forward for your pictures.

EDIT: On the other hand is it even that beneficial to protect the inside of the rocker? If that hole was rusted and worn into the wheel well wouldn’t just stopping the hole from appearing stop the rust from appearing? Or is the hole in there from the factory? Or did that hole start from inside?

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