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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I'll post a pic later, but there's also rust starting in the front fenders as well, behind the tire.

It's in the location of the holes in the wheel arch where the plastic inner fender liner & mud guards attach to the panel. On the passenger side of my car, the corrosion has crept around the corner from the tabs out onto the side of the fender.

UPDATE: some pics...
Front fender rust might actually be caused by attaching the front mud guard. Those J-nuts will wear (or even rip while attaching) paint off.

We use lots off road salt here. But for some reason Priuses don’t have front mud guards (which off coarse causes the paint to wear from rocker and then it rusts from outside). But since front inner fender liner attaches with plastic clips there’s no rust in there.

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