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Oil Pump Problems

I'm beginning to collect waste oils for my diesel and didn't want the hassle of buying a new oil pump which is several hundred dollars. So instead I ordered a 350 Chevy oil pump and modified it with JB weld to where it had an intake and output. I then received a motor from my friend for free, it's a large century motor meant to power pools and spas. I believe it's a single phase 1.75 hp and it spins at 3750rpm. The other day I was able to mount the motor and pump on a stand and tried to test it out and all the pump did was push air out of the intake side. I had the intake and the output both submerged in oil and it wouldnt pickup up any, I'm also confused where it sucked the air from off both hoses were submerged. I then tried the pump out by attaching a drill to it the shaft is 1/2in so it fit perfectly and it worked perfectly. The drill and the pump spin the same way so it's not spinning the wrong direction. Could it possibly be that the motor is to big for the pump? Because of running out of ideas and solutions. Thanks- Frank

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