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Looking to ecomod my Chevrolet Volt (extend its electric range)

I bought a 14 Volt newish 3 months ago then I got a new job 42 miles away from my house. I get 37 miles consistent with AC on going 60 but with nice enough weather, I can leave the ac off like this morning with 4 miles to spare going 56! But I charge at work on 110 plug so I only get 30 miles range in 8 hours. So I'd like to make some improvements. I'm starting with pizza pans since they're cheapest. I'm probably going to use the center cap hole to fashion a plate for removable mount instead of relying on the plastic cap. Then I was thinking of adding a short hitch boattail for a little more luggage room for vacation. I'd also like to get better fuel mileage on gas mode. I was thinking about adding a hot air intake.

So far the suggestions are

Wheel covers/rear wheel cover
Mirror deletes

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