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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I always feel like is in grave peril when Xist jumps in to save the day with Windows Paint.
I might've died from this.

Although I'm mostly a lurker, wouldn't it be possible to do something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike this? :P That is, I mean, wouldn't you be best off with a very short stretch? Something that gives you a comfortable amount of room for rear passengers (probably quite a bit more leg room than most compact cars) and a little extra cargo space, but without going to the limo stretch levels?

I've never been lucky enough to get my hands on a classic Insight, one of my sort of dream cars, but it seems like this might be your best option. With enough measuring, cutting, and welding, you ought to be able to even use stock body panels from junkers.

As far as structure goes, I could see an internal truss system possibly working.

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