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The Insight is rather highly engineered, so changing it anywhere is likely to make everything else marginal. Of course, you only really have to keep up with moving vans, so most cars have a lot in hand. It is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.
You also should anticipate the general livability of the enclosed volume. Most people prefer more height, and you can gain volume quickly by trading skin friction for frontal area at no cost compared to a stretch. For a project this extensive, I'd think in terms of using a legal frame, and adding a fully-aero shell. Foam and fiberglass would be fast to build, light, and just what you need in an RV. With a front engine, the Pillbug shape would be stable, and still gorgeous. A burnt-out RV can have useful appliances, etc. to salvage. You can drill out the frame if your body is able to take the stress, and maybe stay legal.
I'm finally back to work on my fleet, and have discovered that the Metro works much better as a one-man camper by arranging the housekeeping around a seat set sideways on the bed. I've also slid the bed forward, instead of trying to use the hatch as a headboard and skylight. Now, some cheap plastic drawers fit there.
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