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Originally Posted by mf70 View Post
Too bad on the folding idea. Vman's inside side mirrors look good - they take advantage of the modern gargantuan "A" pillars, and highlight the blind spot perhaps better than regular side mirrors.

Those wheel covers look GREAT! I would still advocate for wheel skirts for the rear wheels; the advancing wheel top PUMPS air into the car's slipstream, adding perhaps 20% to the air disturbed by the car. I don't have quick access to any data on drag reduction, however.

Exactly how did you fasten the wheel cover / pizza pans on? I see a single center fastener...
I'll be doing a short writeup on it since I believe any aluminum wheel could be covered this way. Basically I used a rubber expanding plumbing plug that uses a carriage bolt, which conveniently sticks past the wheel face. It's very solid.

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