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Lucy - '03 Hyundai Getz
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Greenhorn Greeting!

Hi all,

New member here with a 2003 Hyundai Getz (Affectionately, Lucy) which my wife fell in love with despite the absence of oil in the engine and an incessant squeal; so we bought it.
It's 1.5L, dohc, 5 spd auto, 2 door.
Now you've got the gist of how my life works lol, I've been steadily trying to get her back into shape (clean throttle body, new gaskets head upwards, cleaned cam and valve assemblies and valve cover of muck, new engine and gear box oil and filter) and push more km's out of her and stumbled upon this site whilst trying to figure out if the best combination for wheel/tyre improvements - would it be a smaller alloy rim with less offset and a narrower tyre or to keep the standard size rim and narrower tyre, and just swap to alloy. We rarely travel at 80km/hr and next to never travel on freeways/highways with a 100km/hr limit so to move towards the taller end of the gearing spectrum seems counterproductive (Emphasis on seems, no numbers behind that yet). Especially given that the Getz has a 5th unlike my last corolla lol.
We are currently getting ~500km from a 45L (26mpg? US gallon i think?) tank of petrol (not the high octane stuff) so there is along way between what people on here get and what we do!
Still haven't come to a conclusion on that one so any input would be great (Have been working my way through the threads: there is quite a deal of info but just have to find it through all the pages on here!)

Current mods:
Rear seats removed
Baby seat attachment bolts removed
Rear seat belts removed
Spare tyre, jack and tool set removed
Mud guards removed both front and rear
P/S nearly removed (still swaying the wife on permanency lol)

Near future mods:
Alloy wheels new tyres (tyres need to be done anyway so no loss)
Templates made for rear wheel arch skirts but think i'll be able to narrow in a bit with rims with less offset
2 x front racing seat swap over from standard (2nd hand purchase)
Front sway bar removal
Dyno test (Not a mod but will be handy info to know which way to move forward)
Lowered springs front and rear

Little bit further into the future mods:
Front guard from fibreglass (have got the foam to make mould but that's as far as I've gotten)
Belly pan
Mini rear spoiler to continue kback shape a little better. The getz rear ends drop off relatively quickly and I am under the impression that you either try and mimic the ideal boat tail as much as possible by dragging it out or make the drop as steep as possible? *Just from the small amount I've read thus far.

Thanks for all the info, research, time and effort you've all put into making it easier for everyone new to the game!

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