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I have some new boards that are a different design. They are all unpopulated, but don't depend on the VLA500. I think it's $15 to populate one of the sides rather than $55 for the VLA500 approach (or so). They are surface mount, but BIG surface mount. Not too bad for soldering. They plug right into the IGBT. It can drive very big IGBTs hard just like the regular driver boards. I've tested it with 3Ohm gate resistors on 600v 600Amp IGBTs at 16KHz switching frequency. If anybody wants one of the boards, I'll sell them for $5 each, and I can post a link to the mouser parts list too for populating it. It does require an ATTINY25 that needs to be programmed after (or before) it's soldered into place. I have the code for it, or I could program it for you too. the 2 isolated supplies the board uses have been high pot tested at over 7000volts before they broke down.
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