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Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
If your car does not require premium and the timing is stock you can actually get worse mpg with higher octane, The higher the octane, the slower it burns....a lot of cars drag raced with premium fuel will actually run slower and have less power. Just run reg if your car calls for it.
But thats at the high end. I doubt that I will see much of a difference on highway driving (infact my trip to Montreal showed that it doesn't make much of a difference, I got slightly over EPA). It might be a slower burn but its a bigger bang, I don't see how it would hinder low end MPG. Might muck with the timing but again, its the physics I know, not the engine stuff.

Originally Posted by fritz View Post
That first tank was awful low at 18mpg as compared to the epa numbers. I bet you filled the previous tank on the uphill side of the pump and did not pump it as full as the current one. Todays gas tanks are pretty flat and it can make a big difference which side of the pump you fill from.
Yeah that was the worst fill I've ever seen, but i used the same pump as I did for these past fills so who knows what it was.
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