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Originally Posted by oz42 View Post
Well, it is a 2000 Insight with 5 speed manual and lean burn. The battery works well up to now.

Fuel consumtion is about 3.5 LHK - or 67 mpg, if the conversion calculator worked correctly. Best value ever was 84 a few days ago. All values were on my 21 miles distance to work, almost all the way with 45 mph.

The car needs a bit of love: new oil for engine and gearbox and new brakes. I hope that will be all.

Anyway, I love this car already.
Sounds like the car is performing well. I too own a 2000 Insight I just bought last Saturday. I had a few issues with the ground wires missing and the EGR plate and EGR, but its seems to be working much better now with my first fill up going by the MPG display at 62 mpg and climbing. Most of this tank was 40 to 50 mph and about 60 miles worth of freeway driving with a 62 mph average.

You should start a Garage on your car.

So what do the locals think of your car???
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